Design & Spirituality – A different look

As a start of my new website and blog, I will begin with this intriguing topic, that is present and been talked about in the last several moments of civilization.

Design has always been presented as a search for the union of aesthetics objects and their facilities. It can already be found in the first vestments and typography.

In the mid-nineteenth century, with the Industrial Revolution, Industrial Design was born. This movement, together with functionality, provided more aesthetics machines, domestic utensils and graphic elements.  Meanwhile, design was continuously connected to psychology, art history, communication and cognitive science.

Spirituality, when present, represents a dimension of man, as it is seen as being naturally religious, which is so thematic or implicit, your deepest essence and aspiration.

At one point, design and spirituality meet.
The design is always seeking to fit into a pleasing visual, propitious place, appropriate time and wanting to touch (the right) people.

But how can we do this without a connection with the essence? After all, when there is no connection, there is no exchange. And the exchange is absolutely necessary in the world of consumption.

In my opinion, this exchange starts with the client.
How to connect with them? How do we know what this client thinks, feels and wants? How do we know what their needs, their dreams, their visions of life and the world are?

It is important, not to just know what your client needs, but who they really are. Just then, art directors, and we designers can help them figure out what they are looking for. We can help them making the right decision for that moment. Not just looking at the contentment for both, but know, very clear, the purpose of the project, we can, even more, create and support our relationship with the client.

When we access ourselves and access others, exchange will happen.

I think it is a good topic to think about.

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